In the car care sector, ceramic coating cars have become the new standard. We still have a lot of questions about its effectiveness and durability. And the main question on everyone’s mind is whether to get it done for our car or not. Given the wide range of potential roadside influences, the ceramic coating offers a number of advantages that will astound you and encourage you to choose this best option.

A clear layer called ceramic coating contains a liquid polymer. Depending on the coating’s composition, they come in a wide variety of shapes and varieties. To create ceramic paint coating, two elements are added together. The chemical component produces the physical, which shines and protects. The polymer and the factory paint chemically bind while ceramic paint coating is put to a car’s body. The only way to remove something that has been coated is through abrasion; no chemicals are allowed. Best Ceramic coating, when properly applied, may even endure the entire life of the vehicle. XPEL gives the best ceramic coating for cars which gives a completely new look to your cars and we assure you complete satisfaction through our services.


Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating

FUSION PLUS for Paint & PPF improves colour depth with just one application, and its hydrophobic qualities make cleaning even simpler.

Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating

Cleaning wheels and callipers has never been simpler! To help prevent filth from adhering and to reduce surface contamination, FUSION PLUS offers heat and chemical resistance.

Glass Coating

Obtain a clear sight of the wide road. FUSION PLUS guards against stains and chemical etching while assisting in maintaining the cleanliness of glass surfaces and windows.

Upholstery Ceramic Coating

Keep your interior cleaner from Day 1. FUSION PLUS offers stain resistance, helping retain factory feel and original finish.

Plastic & Trim Ceramic Coating

FUSION PLUS helps plastics resist fading and weathering from UV Rays; it's not just for paint and PPF.

Marine Ceramic Coating

Be prepared for the best experience. The hostile aquatic environment and elements like heat, friction, and solvents are protected from by FUSION PLUS.


  • One of the wonderful characteristics of ceramic coating is that it is HYDROPHOBIC IN NATURE. All water-based filth and grime will easily slide off the car’s body without damaging the paint. Your car is simple to clean because of the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties.
  • PROTECTION FROM UV RAYS – When a car is exposed to sunshine, oxidation of the paint frequently occurs, resulting in dull and faded paint. Ceramic coating creates a layer on the body of the car’s paint, lowering the danger of oxidation and offering UV protection.
  • PROTECTION FROM CHEMICAL STAINS: Ceramic coating makes a surface that is resistant to chemicals, which helps prevent some impurities from adhering to the paint of your car. In the long run, it increases your car’s resistance against stains and etching.
  • EVERY Vehicle Owner LOVES THE Shiny TOUCH: Ceramic coating provides your car with a gorgeous glossy appearance. It improves the paint’s ability to reflect light while also giving it additional depth and clarity.